Facilities Committee

Committee Meetings

Committee Members

John Wheeler

5 Quakers Mede, HP17 8EB

01844 296134

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David O'Hanlon


31 Printers Piece, HP17 8NF

07956 465704

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Vanessa Poole

149 Church Way, HP17 8LG

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David Truesdale MBE


16 Church End, HP17 8AE

01844 291407

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Nick Kidby

71 Sheerstock, Haddenham, HP17 8EY

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Jim Brown

8 Pilots Place , HP17 8NW

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Dave Hoare

3 Bartons Farm 49 Townside, HP17 8AW

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The Facilities Committee has the following four sub-committees:


Community Orchard


Sports Facilities

Use the links above to visit the pages for more information on each of the sub-committees.