Climate Emergency & Biodiversity

Climate Emergency

Haddenham Parish Council is very concerned about the impact of Climate Change. At a meeting of the full Parish Council on 24th June 2019, the Council agreed to declare a Climate Emergency and pledged to make Haddenham carbon neutral by 2030. 

In order to achieve this goal the Council will use an evidence-based approach to identify the highest-impact actions for residents to take to reduce carbon emissions. 

For further details on why Haddenham Parish Council is taking action and our strategy to reduce climate emissions within the village, please see our Climate Emergency presentation slides

Climate Emergency Committee

The Parish Council has established a dedicated committee to lead its efforts on reducing carbon emissions within the parish.

The Climate Emergency Committee has four working groups that meet regularly on an informal basis and feed back to the committee:

  • Haddenham FoodSavers - aims to reduce carbon emissions associated with food consumption and food waste.
  • Electric Vehicle Adoption - aims to reduce the use of petrol and diesel vehicles and increase electric vehicle use within the parish.
  • Home Energy - aims to help residents reduce carbon emissions within the home.
  • Land Use - aims to reduce carbon emissions by promoting the use of land in a sustainable way.

Members of public are welcome to join the working groups. Anyone interested in joining one of the working groups should contact

For more information on the working groups, see below.

To see the latest minutes and agendas for the committee, please visit our Climate Emergency Committee page.


As a public authority, the Parish Council has a duty to regard conserving biodiversity as part of its policy and decision making under Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. To this end, the Parish Council has taken the initiative and is incorporating practical measures to increase the local wildlife and insect population.

These include:

  • Organic maintenance of the grass verges. Allowing wild flowers to seed before cutting and removing grass cuttings to promote new wild plants.
  • Zero tolerance on pesticides and herbicides.
  • Introduction of more bird and bee boxes around the village.
  • The planting of new trees around Haddenham such as the Community Orchard at Townside and in Longwall.
  • The planting of mixed seeds and bulbs in areas around the village.
  • To continue to support and work with volunteers to maintain and enhance the Snakemoor Nature Reserve.
  • The New Pavilion at the Airfield will have a sedum roof.

Working in Partnership with the Haddenham Community

Haddenham Parish Council is lucky to be able to work with engaged and enthusiastic members of the community towards achieving a zero-carbon village, including the aptly named Zero-Carbon Haddenham! The Parish Council and Zero-Carbon Haddenham are currently working in partnership on reLEAF, an initiative to plant more trees around the village, as an offset for carbon emissions. For more details on Zero-Carbon Haddenham, including on reLEAF and the repair cafe (a project aimed at fixing, rather than throwing away, belongings), visit Zero-Carbon Haddenham's website. Anyone wishing to volunteer with reLEAF can contact them on



Zero-Carbon Haddenham logo



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Wild flower verges

pink flower on verge beside footpath

blue flower on verge beside footpath

buttercups on grass verge at Townsend Green