Haddenham Parochial Charities Grants

Published: 02 November 2023

The trustees of Haddenham Parochial Charities are accepting applications from residents of Haddenham Parish in need of support.

Consisting of three registered ancient charities: Joseph Franklin (204185), Alms Corn (237265) and Revd John Willis (205529), the charities historically provided bread and coal to the poor at Christmas, and seed corn on Good Friday.

Nowadays, the trustees use the income of the charities to provide a gift of money at Christmas time to residents in need.

If you are in need of relief, please complete the attached application form. Adult residents of Haddenham Parish may apply but only one application per household may be submitted. Applicants’ details are kept confidential to the trustees.

Paper copies of the application form can be collected from Haddenham Post Office, Tickety Brew, Haddenham Parish Council Office and Blooming Fruity.

Completed forms must be returned to one of the trustees by Friday 8 December.

If you know of a relative, friend or neighbour who is in need, please let them know about the charities and help them to apply.