Help shape the future of Haddenham

Published: 25 November 2021

Help us to shape the future of Haddenham

Buckinghamshire Council is conducting a survey across the county for residents to comment on the design of existing streets, public spaces, buildings and spaces for water and nature across Bucks. For this, an interactive website: has been launched.

We’re urging all Haddenham residents to get involved and use the site to comment on issues where they live. Not only will the feedback received be used by Bucks Council to help create design policies for new developments across Buckinghamshire, but the Parish Council will also be able to make use of the local information as part of its ambitious Streetscapes Project.

Example issues might include:

- does your street feel safe?

- is it safe to walk or cycle to school/ local shops?

- are there enough habitats for wildlife?

- could you get around easily if you were disabled or didn’t drive?

- should there be a 20mph zone where you live?

- what do you like/dislike about the developments in your area?

What is the Streetscapes Project?

Haddenham Parish Council has obtained match-funding from Haddenham and Waddesdon Community Board to commission a village-wide appraisal of our streetscapes and public realm in order to plan and design safe access, travel and mobility for all. This is line with Project 5 of the Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan.

A comprehensive traffic impact assessment will be carried out and will inform an inclusive approach to street layout and design which prioritises spaces and places for all people.

The Streetscapes project seeks to address the following issues affecting the village:

  • Using innovative streetscape design to influence behaviours and create an attractive environment characterised by being more people-centred, less vehicle-dominated, and with less reliance on traditional highway engineering-style solutions
  • Managing current traffic issues and the likely impact of future growth
  • Vehicle speeding problems, including the viability of 20mph zone(s)
  • Review and enforcement of weight limits and HGV movements
  • Prioritising walking & cycling, linking with the health & well-being agenda, and improving connectivity both within Haddenham and beyond to Thame and Aylesbury
  • Parking problems: commuter (particularly near the station); outside schools; on pavements and verges
  • Protecting the heritage environment
  • Supporting School Travel Plans
  • Future-proofing for new technology & travel patterns (electric/hydrogen propulsion; car sharing etc)
  • Parish Council and Bucks Council ambitions to become carbon neutral and promote green agendas
  • Viability of local public transport to serve the station and link new developments with village services

How can you help?

By visiting the website you can tag locations within the village and leave feedback on the streets and public spaces, buildings and nature within your area. The site can also be used to upload photos and vote and support others’ comments.

By responding in good numbers to Buckinghamshire Council’s survey, we hope to have more evidence to support issues within the village and to have more weight with Buckinghamshire Council to implement projects resulting from Haddenham’s Streetscape Project.

Be sure to leave your comments before 6 December 2021 when the consultation is due to close!