Haddenham Parochial Charities Invite Applications

Published: 21 October 2020

The trustees of Haddenham Parochial Charities are inviting applications from residents in need.

Consisting of three registered ancient charities: Joseph Franklin (204185), Alms Corn (237265) and Revd John Willis (205529), the charities historically provided bread, coal and seed corn for the poor at Christmas. Nowadays, the trustees make a gift of money to claimants in need of support.

To apply, please complete the attached application form or collect a paper copy from the doorstep boxes at the addresses of the trustees, below:

Alan Rose (01844 291004) 14 Stockwell, HP17 8AX
Steve Sharp (01844 290597) Woodend House, High Street, HP17 8ER
John Wheeler (01844 296134) 5 Quakers Mede, HP17 8EB
John Wilson (01844 291200) Greenway, HP17 8BJ

Please return the completed form to one of the above addresses by 1st December 2020.

Applicants’ details are kept confidential to the trustees.

If you know of a relative, friend or neighbour who is in need, please let them know about the charities and help them to apply.