Climate Emergency

Published: 08 July 2019

At the Annual Parish meeting in May the Parish Council invited Chris Church to speak about climate change, and it has followed this up by resolving to declare a Climate Emergency. This is a resolution that towns and parishes across the world are being asked to pass in order to stimulate action locally and send a message to higher authorities that we are taking this issue seriously. There are things we are already doing as a parish but we realise more is needed. Our powers are somewhat limited and the next stage is to identify what changes we can make or encourage others to make that will have the biggest impact. The plan is to hold a Climate Change Workshop which will be open to residents to attend to share ideas and find out more. There will be support from Aylesbury Vale Green Party and Haddenham In Transition, a local group who have already done a lot of work on how Haddenham can move towards zero carbon.

We have more information on climate change initiatives which the Parish Council already have in place.