Village Greens and Common Land

There are a few pockets of land which the Parish Council has had designated as a Village Green or Common Land. These areas will be added to as the Council adopts new open space areas as the new housing developments are completed.

view of  cars parked by Fort End Green with House of Spice and The Cottage Bakery in the background


A small parcel of land at the top of Fort End. This was designated common land by the Parish Council in the early 1970's. This is situated in the conservation area of Haddenham and retains a small section of green in a busy junction with Fort End and the High Street.

View of large tree on Skittles Green with house behind


A small area of grass which is located off Gibson Lane.This area of grass used have railing around it in the 1900’s but that has long gone.The Parish Council designated this area of land as Common land in the 1970’s.

the village fete taking place at church end green


This grass area in front of the pond, war memorial and by the houses was designated a village green by the Council. This parcel of land is the focal point for village’s celebrations, including May Day, Village Fete and Haddenham Feast. As is located within the conservation area of Haddenham its unspoilt charm has made it popular with film and TV companies.

townsend green with thatched house in background


This area is situated at the end of Rudds land and the beginning of Dollicott. This grass areas was designated a village green in the early 1970’s by the Parish Council. Situated in the northern part f the village, it maintains the charm of this part of the conservation area.