The Parish Council owns and maintains three ponds within the parish. With the new housing developments being completed over the next few years, the Council will be adopting additional pond areas. They are a beautiful addition to Haddenham and are home to a number of different water fowl.

We completely understand the pleasure that residents gain from feeding the ducks, especially amongst our younger parishioners. We would like to ask residents not to feed bread as it attracts vermin but to feed corn, berries etc, which is more nutritious for the ducks.

banks pond with banks parade in the background


This pond is situated by the shops just off Banks Road. It is home to a family of ducks and is a great place to visit on your way to and from the shopping precinct.

ducks and duck house at Rudds Pond


This pond is situated just off Rudds Lane, close to the post office. It attracts a number of water fowl and has its own floating duck house!

ducks at Church End Pond with St Mary's Church in the background


The largest of all our current ponds is located right in front of St Mary's Church This historic pond has been in place for hundreds of years and is synonymous with the landscape of Haddenham. It is the focal point of the Village Fete and May Day and home to a large population of different species of water fowl.