Townsend Community Orchard

townsend community orchard logo featuring an apple tree

A parcel of land at Townsend was handed over to the Parish Council as part of a Section 106 agreement when the extension of Mallard Croft was built. After consultation with local residents it was decided to plant an Orchard and in 2015 Townsend Community Orchard was established.

This has been very much a community project and could not have been successful without a number of amazing volunteers and generous donations who helped initiate this scheme. In conjunction with the Parish Council, they have worked tirelessly to establish this facility. The Orchard was planted with a variety of apple and pear fruit trees and soft fruit bushes. Though still immature as an Orchard, it nevertheless provides a small crop for the parishioners to enjoy. Further improvements to the Orchard include a small seating area which has be very popular for outdoor gatherings. This modest, natural amphitheatre has hosted outside church services, Easter egg hunts, plays, and is regularly used by the junior schools and local guide and scout groups.

As with all community led projects, volunteers are always welcome. The Parish Council has an Orchard Committee who oversee its care and maintenance. Should you wish to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish office. Visit the Townsend Community Orchard facebook page for the latest updates and details on events.