Green Lane

The Haddenham Safe Cycling and Walking Group had identified the need to provide a safe cycleway that would link Haddenham to the A418, the villages of Stone and Dinton and beyond to Aylesbury. 

This proposed cycleway would be a huge undertaking, which required consultation with land owners, riparian owners and the local community at large. The overwhelming response was this was a scheme the village really wanted. The social, health and fitness improvements this cycleway would bring were clearly identified as well as reducing reliance on cars. 

In a joint initiative with the Parish Council an application was made in 2016 to Aylesbury Vale District Council's New Homes Bonus Scheme, to upgrade the existing footpath to a Green Lane that would be accessible for cyclists, pedestrians, horse-riders and wheelchairs.

The Parish Council was delighted to receive £150,000 of funding towards the project and work was able to finally commence on the lane in January 2018. After months of careful considerate construction, the new cycleway had its grand opening on 23rd September 2018.

The Green Lane has been tremendously successful with many residents whether on horse, foot or bike, all using it on a regular basis.  

Historic photo of Green Lane pre-1914

Green Lane from Dinton Corner, during clearing work

Green Lane looking towards A418, during surfacing work

Green Lane looking towards A418, after new surface has been completed