The Parish Council provides the grounds maintenance for the footpaths around the village as part of its Devolved Services from Bucks Council. This does not include the surfaces of the footpaths which remains the responsibility of Bucks Council. The Parish Council will undertake grass cutting, removing any overgrowing vegetation and maintain hedges and trees which are not privately owned. .

Any hedges or trees which overhang footpaths which are not Council property, remain the responsibility of the house owner. The Parish Council has the power to enforce residents to upkeep their property boundaries when next to a public highway.

To report any issues with the footpaths around the parish, please call the Parish Office on 01844 292411.

Dragons Tail Footpath

dragons tail footpath with flowers on verge and witchert wall

Mallard Croft and Stokes Croft

trees along Mallard Croft and Stokes Croft Footpath

Sheerstock Footpath

Sheerstock Footpath between garden fences and trees on the border of the industrial estate

Stockwell        Footpath

cobblestones and greenery along Stockwell Footpath