About Snakemoor Nature Reserve

Snakemoor Nature Reserve is a delightful small reserve of 4.5 acres which provides a pleasant place to visit and enjoy. Visitors will find several linked footpaths; a hay meadow; a pond, an orchard and a variety of trees. The extensive diversity of flora and fauna is constantly changing throughout the year and attracts a wide variety of wildlife. 

Snakemoor Reserve is maintained by a team of knowledgeable volunteers with support from Haddenham Parish Council. Snakemoor gives opportunities for local residents to be involved in helping to improve and develop the Reserve and contribute to the local environment.

An information board is located near the entrance which outlines all the areas of interest. Stepping logs are provided for our smaller parishioners to use! 

You can also get a copy of the Snakemoor information leaflet from the Parish Council Office in Haddenham for a map of the area, information on the local wildlife and history of the nature reserve. 

 Recently, we were delighted to come across footage from when BBC Countryfile visited Snakemoor in 2000 that highlights the important work that our volunteers do.

a map of haddenham showing that the nature reserve is next to the station

Snakemoor Leaflet

Snakemoor information board

Thank you to the supporters of Snakemoor Nature Reserve who have made a contribution