Becoming a Parish Councillor

Have you ever thought about becoming a Parish Councillor?

Haddenham Parish Council currently has a vacancy for the office of Parish Councillor  

Below is some information about becoming a Parish Councillor.

What does a Parish Councillor do?

Parish Councillors work together to serve the community. They come from different backgrounds and bring a diverse range of skills. Team work is important as no individual councillor can act in isolation. Here are some of the things Haddenham Parish Councillors are currently involved with:

  • Planning – commenting on planning applications, supporting the neighbourhood plan
  • Management of open spaces at Woodways, Sheerstock and Banks Park
  • Provision and maintenance of Street lights, benches, and dog waste bins
  • Managing the Allotments, Community Orchard and Snakemoor Nature Reserve.
  • Finance – budget setting, governance and accountability, risk assessment
  • Fund raising and grant applications
  • Organising events - Haddenham Fete, Annual Parish Meeting, Public Consultations
  • Special projects – for example new community facilites, Community Orchard, Parking, Speed monitoring.

You don’t need to bring specific skills as enthusiasm and a willingness to work as a team to support your community are all that is needed.

Parish Council Meetings

You will need to be available on Monday evenings to attend Parish Council meetings. The full Parish Council meets 11 times a year on the first Monday of every month except August.  The Parish Council has five standing committees, Environment, Finance and General Purposes, Planning,  Personnel as well as sub-committees for the Allotments and Community Orchard.

Eligibility to stand

You are eligible to stand for election to a parish or town council if you are:

  • A British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Union, and
  • 18 years or older on the day you become nominated for election.

And if at least one of the following applies:

You are registered as a local government elector for the parish for which you want to stand; or

You have, for the whole 12 month period up to the date of the election, occupied (as owner or tenant) land or other premises in the parish;

  • Your principal or only place of work during that same 12 months period has been in the parish
  • You have during the whole of that same 12 month period resided in the parish or within 3 miles of it.

You cannot stand for election if:

You are employed by the parish or town council or hold a paid office under the council (including employment by any joint boards or committees of the council).

You are the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order.

You have, within five years before the day of the election, been convicted in the United Kingdom of any offence and have had a prison sentence (whether suspended or not) for a period of over three months without the option of a fine.

You have been disqualified under Part III of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which relates to donations and other offences) or under the Audit Commission Act 1998.

Any of our current Councillors or the Parish Clerk will be happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a Councillor or the election process.

Further Information: