Dog Waste

Dog Waste - not the most pleasant topic of conversation, but one which provokes more emails to the Parish Office than anything else!

The problem!

Dog waste is left on our streets, footpaths and recreation areas.  It is smelly, unsightly and very unpleasant to step in - not to mention the other health hazards it brings!  Unfortunately the minority of irresponsible pet owners are giving all dog owners a bad name.

 Why do something about it?


  • Nowadays, it is generally accepted that clearing up after your pets is part of being a responsible pet owner.
  • Haddenham Parish Council requires dog owners to remove and dispose of their dog's waste using the number of Dog Waste Bins which are situated around the village.
  • Unremoved dog waste is often the reason influencing decisions to ban dogs from recreation areas and parks.
  • It is a health hazard and extremely unpleasant to step in.

Haddenham is in a rural location, which has numerous access to footpaths and fields for dogs and dog owners to enjoy.  Unfortunately due the irresponsible behaviour of some dog owners, dogs are NOT permitted on any grassed areas at Woodways Recreation Ground, Football pitches at the Airfield and from entering playgrounds at Woodways, Sheerstock and Banks Park.  Please we ask owners to be respectful of these restrictions.

The Parish Council isn't anti-dogs and don't want to alienate good pet owers.  We currently provide 21 Dog Waste bins throughout the parish, with plans to put in some more.  As part of the Country Park which will be developed on the old Glebe site (Dandara) the Parish Council will be putting a 'dog only' area.  This will allow dog owners to let their dogs off the lead and run around in an area away from pedestrians.


Map of all the Dog Waste Bins in the Parish