Charitable Trusts

Haddenham Educational Charity

The charity has an income from the investment made following the sale of the Old British School in Churchway. The Old British School was a charity, with a deed of 1851, the original deed being varied over time until 1982 when the sale of the school was authorised the deed was varied to the scheme in existence today. The Trustee of the Charity became Haddenham Parish Council at this time. Applications for small grants to support residents of Haddenham to provide assistance with pursuing further education, including university, apprenticeships, sports and the arts. More information can be found in the grant awarding policy, including an application form, or by contacting the Parish Clerk 

Banks Park Recreation Ground Charity

The Banks Park Recreation Ground Charity which holds, as an asset, all the land known as Banks Park Trust. 

Haddenham Educational Charity - Meetings

11 Oct 21

Banks Park Recreation Ground Charity - Meetings

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