Parish Projects

The Parish Council is always looking at new initiatives to improve the facilities for the parishioners of Haddenham. There has been a lot of development of new housing within the village and this provides the Council with some additional funding to allocate to community projects. Haddenham Council has identified a number of exciting developments which will benefit all our residents.

For a greater detail of the list of projects the Council has planned, please refer to the Haddenham Parish Council’s Business Plan, here.

Projects Completed  

  • Woodways Pedestrian Crossing: Providing a safe place for school children and residents to cross Woodways road.
  • Green Lane: A path for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders to use safely away from the main road, linking Haddenham to A418 and the subsequent footpath to Dinton.
  • Water Bore Hole at the Allotments: A fantastic community led initiative using solar energy to power a bore hole to provide water for all the tenants.
  • Youth and Community Centre: A new improved kitchen was installed which has vastly improved the Centre's facilities.
  • War Memorial: A new path surrounding the War Memorial.
  • BMX Track: A full refurbishment of the BMX track, returning this great facility to its former glory.
  • Banks Park Playground: A brand new playground for under 12’s which has greatly improved the play value of this area. 
  • St Mary's Churchyard Wall: The first phase of the restoration has been completed.
  • Restored Red Telephone Box: This listed iconic telephone box was given a complete over haul and restored.  With thanks to Haddenham & District Rotary Club.
  • Sheerstock Playground: A brand new playground with lots of exciting equipment for children of all ages.
  • New Football Pitches on the Airfield site: The provision of two new full size, one junior and three mini football pitches.
  • Installation of new signage and bollards in Stockwell: To protect the grass verges from cars and to stop vehicles from accessing cobbled part of Stockwell.

woodways crossing

green lane

allotment borehole

banks park playground

St Mary's Church Wall - Ongoing Restoration Project






Projects Ongoing

  • St Mary’s Church Wall and Lychgate: The second phase of refurbishment and rebuilding of the outer wall of the Church Yard and Lychgate
  • Woodways Tennis Courts extension, new path and parking: The extension of the tennis courts to provide two new Mini Courts, a new pedestrian path along the front of the courts and improvement to the car parking provision.
  • New Pavilion at Airfield Site: The building of a new Pavilion for the local junior football and other sports clubs to use. 
  • New Pavilion and Cricket Ground at the Dandara site: The building of a new Pavilion and cricket ground.
  • New Parish Office: The refurbishment of the old Day Care Centre to be re-developed into an improved Parish Office. This will have better meeting facilities for the Council and parishioners and will allow the needed expansion of the current office.
  • A new Burial Ground at the Dandara Site: This new burial ground will provide a tranquil village cemetery which will last Haddenham Village for generations. 
  • Resident Parking and car parking restrictions: With the expansion of the Haddenham and Thame Parkway Railway Station, the number of commuter cars are parked in neighbouring roads. Full consultation will be undertaken on targeted parking restrictions and resident only parking permits. Which will ease the congestion in these areas and provide respite to the residents. 
  • Adopting the new Ponds, open space, street lights and play areas: The Parish Council has worked with the majority of the new developers to adopt the street lights, play areas, open spaces and ponds which form part of the new developments. This will ensure that these areas are looked after properly and continue to be an asset to the community.


tennis court plans

new pavilion sketch for the airfield

football pitch plans