Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan



Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has published its draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) for public consultation. In brief it proposes 50% growth of Haddenham by 1,059 homes in the near future. It also proposes that Haddenham should be the location for a new settlement of 4,500 homes by the year 2033.

 What’s the background?
In the VALP Haddenham is designated a “strategic settlement” along with Aylesbury, Buckingham, Winslow and Wendover.  All except Wendover are set to grow by 50% in the period 2013-2033. For Haddenham this means 1,059 new homes. About 850 of these homes are on sites which either already have planning permission, or are in the process of applying. They include the two largest developments at the airfield and Aston Road, plus smaller schemes at Dollicott and Stanbridge Road (north of the Garden Centre). It is likely that all these schemes will be built within the next 5 years.  But the story doesn’t stop there.

By the year 2033 VALP is looking to build at least 33,000 homes across the Vale. Of these, about 21,000 will accommodate locally generated growth in the District; but a further 12,000 homes will accommodate demand from neighbouring Councils, particularly Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils. These Councils have problems meeting their own growth needs because much of their areas lie either in the Green Belt, or in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. AVDC is looking to help them out because it has a duty to co-operate. But AVDC itself has limited capacity. Following a call for sites across all towns and villages in the Vale, it has only been able to find development sites sufficient for about 26,000 homes – so there’s a shortfall in meeting demand.

AVDC is therefore proposing to build a new settlement of 4,500 homes (and possibly up to 6000). After assessing various locations, the VALP proposes to locate this new settlement at either Haddenham or Winslow. It goes on to say that Haddenham is the front runner because it has a Parkway railway station. This would be in addition to the 1,059 homes described above, making 5,559 new homes all told. At the time of writing, no further details about the new settlement have been published, although more are promised.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Haddenham, essentially still a village (current population about 4,500 people in about 2,000 homes), itself with an acclaimed conservation area, over 100 listed buildings, and featured in various “best place to live” surveys, will more than double in size, mainly   for the benefit of preserving neighbouring District Councils.  

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