About Snakemoor

Visit Snakemoor to enjoy the variety and changes to the flora and fauna throughout the year. This small reserve of 4.5 acres provides a pleasant place to walk. It also provides opportunities for those who would like to improve our local environment by helping in its maintenance & development.




When you visit you will find several linked footpaths, a hay meadow, a pond and a variety of trees.

Snakemoor started life as a nature reserve in 1987. Volunteers with help from the Haddenham Parish Council have developed the site.

This effort along with donations from local groups and individuals have ensured its success.



 THE RANGE of plants and flowers is extensive with at least 100 main species. The flowering plants that make Snakemoor attractive to visitors can be observed mainly from January through to July. Snowdrops start the year, followed by the Daffodils. The smaller Daffodil to be found in the glade near to the pond is Lent Lily, an English native.

Take a look at the 'Diary' and 'Photos' sections for recent images and developments. Additional information is available on leaflets that can be obtained from the Library, Museum and other outlets.

Major Sponsors:

Haddenham Real Ale Festival  www.haddenham-beer-festival.co.uk/

Groundwork UK  & the Big Lottery Fund

Haddenham Village Society

Haddenham Mummers www.bucksinfo.net/haddenhammummers

Haddenham Book Sale at Hall House

Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation's London Luton Airport Community Fund

McCormick (UK) Ltd

Haddenham Village Fete

Buckinghamshire County Council

Haddenham and District Rotary Club

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